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What's the Difference between Eco Leather and Animal Leather?

By :Joy Dollano 0 comments
What's the Difference between Eco Leather and Animal Leather?


Animal leather is made from the skin of animals such as cows or goats. The skins are tanned to create a durable, water-resistant material.

Eco leather is made from vegetable tanned leathers. It's usually made from a vegetable tanning process that uses natural ingredients, such as wood and fruit extracts.

Eco leather comes in different types. For example:
  • Piñatex. Piñatex is a leather alternative made from pineapple leaf fibres 
  • Waxed Canvas and (Organic) Cotton
  • Leaf Leather
  • Cork
  • Recycled Rubber
  • MuSkin
  • Coconut
  • Apple
  • PU Leather
Eco-leather with a soft touch is produced by putting pressure on the material while it is still fresh from the tannery to make it softer and more flexible. This type of leather has a light, smooth feel and can be used for footwear and handbags.

Eco-leather that is stretchable makes shoes more comfortable by adapting to your foot shape over time. It does not require ironing or steaming to achieve this look; instead, you can simply wear them out over time!

Desire for Leather is one of the best online sources of eco-friendly and socially conscious leather. The site offers information, shopping tools, and a community that all work together to raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable, ethical leather. In addition to eco-friendly items for those conscious about their impact on the environment, Desire for Leather provides classic selections for professionals who need top quality materials. All of their products are ethically sourced from craftsmen from around the world, but Desire for Leather's greatest benefit may be the impact that it has had on the global conversation about sustainable fashion.
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