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Desire For Leather Story

Desire For Leather Story

Desire for Leather (D4L) is a woman-founded online shopping store specializing in premium eco-friendly leather products for professional men and women.

Desire for leather was conceived out of the need to attain premium eco- friendly (non-animal) leather products that is high quality and sustainable without the harming of animals. As a Vegetarian, it is important that no animal is harmed for the sake of fashion despite the desire for leather like products!

Desire For Leather mission is to provide premium eco- leather products that are timeless, high quality, and sustainable at the best possible price that cater to your desire for leather products in your everyday professional life.

Desire for Leather, its partners and suppliers are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct and social and environmental responsibility.

We are truly glad to hear from our customers which enables us to provide the best products according to our customer’s desire for eco- leather products.

Desire for Leather Team